All In An Instant


We all go through life planning our future that lies ahead 

Making plans for our career or maybe the day that we will wed 

We plan out our money to hopefully get us through our later years 

We plan vacations with our children just to hear them laugh and cheer 

We plan what kind of car we want and where our house will be 

You see our life in our eyes must follow a certain path laid out for thee 

But then life throws a curve ball that hits us right between the eyes 

And tragedy is suddenly standing in our path bringing sorrow, fear or cries 

We all will face these unknown challenges that arise there in our path 

But with the faith in God and determination we will survive the aftermath 

So always plan your road ahead and always chase your cherished dreams 

But just keep in mind life can change ALL IN AN INSTANT IT SOMETIMES SEEMS 

From My World to Yours, 

Bob Baker 

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