Cotton Field Road


Some people choose to live in the city where skyscrapers seem to touch the clouds

Where people are hustling and bustling and car horns blaring are the normal sounds

Then there are others that prefer a slower more relaxing pace in their everyday life

So they move out to the suburbs with shaded streets and playgrounds that the children like

But the true backbone and life blood of our country are a very unique hard working breed

They choose to live way out on the back roads among the fields full of things we need

Yes friends these are our farmers the strongest hard working people in this great land

They climb on their tractor at daylight each morning and head to work with caloused hand

For without these great farmers that grow and harvest for us all the food we need

They put the food on our tables and clothes on our back all from a little seed

So as I drive this Georgia backroad and gaze at trucks leaving the fields with another load

I thank God for these hard working people that live and work on this beautiful cotton field road

From My World to Yours,

Bob Baker

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