Small Town Dixieland


As I pull up at the city hall of this lovely little southern town

I couldn’t help but feel the comfort of the atmosphere all around

Everyday life seems to move at a slower very soothing pace

With the aroma from Jeanie’s Diner fried chicken I could almost taste

 I stood there on the sidewalk and gazed around at the small town square

There were benches with drug store ads on the back and a war hero statue over there

Everyone that walked by politely smiled, waved and said how are you

Even one little lady stopped and said “To this town you must be new”

I walked into the city hall with it’s marvelous majestic ornate dome

In the center of the lobby the Ten Commandments display looked right at home

It made me wonder how in this land some places are so peaceful and full of pride

Where in others there is violence and so much anger folks are afraid to go outside

Now I can’t make choices for each and everyone that live throughout this land

But I can make the choice for me and that is to live in this small town in Dixieland  

From My World to Yours,

Bob Baker

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