Actions Never Lie

I noticed something disheartening as I pulled up to a local little store

A young man talking on his phone was walking through the door

A little elderly lady on a walker shuffled to the door there behind

He let the door shut right in front of her which to me was so unkind

I couldn’t help but think about what my mother would have done

If I ever did such a thing as that to her, or for that matter anyone

We all show who we really are not by the things we say

But by our actions we take toward others each and every day

How hard would it really have been or how much time would it take

For that young man to have held the door and said “Have a nice day”

Yes, people really show their true character by actions they apply

Because at the end of the day words can but ACTIONS NEVER LIE

From My World to Yours,

Bob Baker

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