Election Day Again

The morning sun today begins to peak over the ocean and the beaches

It is again election day where candidates will see who believed their speeches

You have the two candidates that have presented their cases to the masses

And now the time has come where we cast our ballot and see who passes

At this time tomorrow morning some of us will be happy and full of joy

While others will be sad and maybe devastated as a child that lost their toy

But the great thing about the American process no matter who shall prevail

Is throughout the world we are so very fortunate that we have this story to tell

So all Americans should exercise their right and duty as some of us feel

To go out and cast your vote for the one that to you has the most appeal

If the one with which you do not agree should walk away with victory tonight

 It is the American way to support this person not to riot, loot and fight

The great thing about America is this day will come again in four more years

And without fail on that day some will be happy and others will be shedding tears

From My World to Yours,

Bob Baker

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