An Electric Car

Flicking through the news today Something caught my eye

It was the political talking heads telling us what to drive

They tell us if we don’t join the band evil people we must be

What is it about driving an electric car that just doesn’t interest me

I don’t want to drive a car that doesn’t make a sound

I want to it to let me know when I press the throttle down

I want to drive until my gas gauge is damn near on the E

Then I can panic as I look for gas with my wife reminding me

I don’t want to sit at Circle K while my car it gets a charge

If I did I would eat to many roller dogs and my waist would get to large

So I guess I don’t want the inconvenience of facing lifestyle change

And constantly looking for a battery charger that sits within my cars range

And what if I run out of electricity and my car it seizes to run

How long would I have to wait for help in the blazing Florida sun

No, I’ll just get into my gas guzzler truck and burn up lots of gas

And if that doesn’t suit you politicians, well you can kiss my ass

From My World to Yours,

Bob Baker

Writings about everyday life by Bob Baker

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