Weeds in the Garden

I just walked out in the yard to plan my yard work for the day

And noticed that weeds had cropped up where I can’t let them stay

When you think about how the world works it all makes perfect sense

Like weeds growing in the flower garden and covering beauty so dense

You see negativity are the weeds that grow everyday there in our mind

They will get out control and continue to take over if we just stand behind

The negative thoughts and emotions we all have each and every day

Will remain on the forefront of your life if they’re not forced to go away

We all have the same issues in our life whether finance, health or love

But we can choose to let them control our life or fly away like a dove

The decision isn’t really a hard one to make and it’s solely up you

How you live your life today negative or positive is yours to choose

So like the weeds that take over the roses and strangle that beautiful site

You too can let negativity take over and strangle your wonderful life

From My World to Yours,

Bob Baker

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