Respect is it Still Here

I was at a gathering yesterday where lots of folks were there

It was sad to see ladies with their food seeking to find a chair

The room was full of men sitting that had grown to mature adult age

Yet none had learned the basics of what my Mom taught us each day

That was just a simple rule of manners we all should have been taught

Like learning to eat with a fork and spoon and giving a lady your spot

This is nothing unusual in the world today which I find it sad to say

Respect and manners of our tradition all seem to have passed away

My mother didn’t have a lot of riches, not in a monetary way

But in our home good manners were expected that’s all I’ve got to say

She taught that people’s impression of you are based how you act

Not on how much money or not that you have there in your sack

So, take a time when you are out to try to complete only a minor feat

Like holding a door, removing your hat or giving a lady your seat

From My World to Yours,

Bob Baker

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