Mothers Day Upon Us

Here we are again, another year has now quickly come and gone

Time seems to fly when each day for you starts at first sign of dawn

You start by fixing breakfast, giving baths and getting everyone out the door

While picking up the aftermath of  toys and clothes left there on the floor

You get your precious cargo buckled up safely in the car to leave

Then you run back in the house to get the rest of what you need

Your not worried about the problems of the world or what’s on the TV  news

To you the most important thing are do the kids have on socks and matching shoes

Oh yes you are running at wharp speed everyday from daylite until after dark

Whether off to school functions, doctor appointments, fixing supper or birthday at the park

Most people think motherhood is an easy life and always full of joy and fun

But it takes a huge commitment to carry, give birth and to raise that precious little one

Some mothers work a job in addition while some have to raise their children all alone

These mothers should not be looked down upon but placed high upon a throne

Oh yes motherhood isn’t easy and I can’t think of a more selfless rewarding task

If you don’t  believe me, just find any mother out there, stop them and just ask

Thank You Momma!!

From My World To Yours,

Bob Baker

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