If We Knew it Was The Last

As I drive here all alone with tears running from my eyes

Dealing with the news and this awful unforeseen surprise

Thinking back about our conversation on the couch just the other day

When you were speaking, and my eyes they just drifted far away

What you were saying was very important at that time in your mind

But to me it really didn’t seem to matter much, it was just a waste of time

How many times have we been through this situation in our married life

Where we took for granted the times that are spent just husband and a wife

Then one day you get the news that your loved ones not coming home

Maybe you had a chance to say good-by or maybe they left this world alone

None of us know if our time on earth will end tomorrow or today

But chances are when it comes you will always have more to say

You will wish you had been more attentive to what they said just the other day

You will cry and wish you could have talked some more before they went away

Yes, if in this life we only knew that this time for us, it would be the last

If we only knew that tomorrow our world would fall apart and change just that fast

We would embrace every moment that we have to share with the ones we love

So treat every day as the last, for one day, Your love will be called home from above

From My World to Yours,

Bob Baker

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