Grandfather Should Be


I was sitting alone at a restaurant table eating lunch today

When there came an elderly man walking slowly as if to find his way

He reminded me of my grandfather who years ago had passed

Not by his moving slowly but it was his white shirt and his hat

Growing up in our home next door to him was such a great way live

There was never anything we kids could want he wasn’t willing to give

No, I’m not talking about the material things that it took money to buy

I’m talking of all the time he gave to have us grandkids all there by his side

He would get up each and every morning and get dressed to the tee

He would put on a white starched shirt and fedora hat this I guarantee

He may have been working in the yard or going to Rich’s Country Store

Where saw dust was on the butcher’s floor and cookie jars were there to adore

No matter if his day was keeping him close home or taking him somewhere afar

He would never leave home by himself as he would pile us grandkids all in the car

Yes, my grandfather was a man I truly loved and was a great role model to me

From him I learned the true value of family and what a grandfather should be

From My World to Yours,

Bob Baker

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