Best Meal I Ever Ate


I have been very fortunate traveling throughout my life’s many days

I have traveled and had the opportunity to dine in oh so many ways

I have enjoyed a taco in Texas and BBQ from one of Memphis best

A steak at Rockefeller Center and amazing smothered chicken breast

In the woods I’ve even eaten squirrel roasted fresh over an open fire

And I can’t forget the apple turnovers Grandma just took from the frier

But up on the top of the list of fine dining that I’ve experienced in my life

Is a little restaurant on the Georgia roadside that I can never seem to pass by

Oh, this little buffet in Georgia is an experience we all should have

But you have to get there early or a table and chair you will not have

With butter beans, fried okra and biscuits piled high in chicken and fish

This is a feast that rates at the top of every country boy’s greatest wish

But best of all is the bonus, that’s always stacked there by the front door

Boxes of fresh Georgia grown tomatoes like you have never tasted before

So when you ask me, “Bobby what’s the best meal that you have ever ate”

It’s the Georgia Tomato with Mayo on white bread right here on my plate

From My World to Yours

Bob Baker

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