Groves Have Gone Away

Leaving town this morning something jumped out in my mind
About how things have changed and old times, just got left behind

When I was just a young boy growing up in the Florida sand
There were not all these houses and condos scattered all over this land

There were vast beautiful orange groves from the east coast to the west
Tangerines and Florida navels growing everywhere, oh they were the best

We grew up running through the groves and eating oranges sitting in the trees

Even used to go parking with our girlfriends in the grove in the midnight breeze

Then one day it happened and the mouse landed here in town
Then before we knew it the orange groves they were all mowed down

Houses, motels and condos were now popping up everywhere
And amusement parks now take the place of groves that once were there

It’s sad to see how our state has changed and our heritage it’s now gone

Florida is now just a tourist state and farmers they have all moved on

I know in my heart that progress is something that we can never stop

But it would be nice to see an orange grove instead of a T-Shirt shop

From My World to Yours,

Bob Baker

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