Chicken Sandwich Trance


Sitting at the traffic light on my way to Walmart at noon today

I looked at something amazing that seems to happen everyday

It is not a traveling side show or amazing structure well designed

It isn’t anything that can be rationally explained by any human mind

No this is something that every time I pass in my mind I cannot grasp

People seem to be possessed or maybe even attached there by a clasp

My wife and daughter are among the masses that are driven to this dance

It’s almost like this place has the power to place people in a hunger trance

Cars they line up around this place in two lines like a hundred in a row

Must be some hidden power that sucks you in and will not let you go

They say it’s all for a piece of chicken placed between two pieces of bread

But for me the line at Chick Fillet is to long so I’ll eat my Bologna instead

From My World to Yours,

Bob Baker

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