Once Again

The weather was cool I remember, and fall was in the air

Our friends were all gathered, and flowers were everywhere

The church bells were ringing and requested songs were being sung

As she appeared through the open door, I knew she was the one

That was so many years ago now, but my, have they gone by so fast

Just two young kids joining in union, how could this thing ever last

We had no money and hand me down furniture is what was in our house

Eating supper at folding card table and then we just cuddled on the couch

Then life began to move faster with jobs and bills that had to be paid

But as we grew older and learned each other we began to find our way

One day our daughter joined the circus that was our home it seemed

And life for us it then changed, and it was as we always dreamed

Our daughter got married and moved on into a life of her own

And we had to adjust again and learn to live just the two of us alone

Now here we are after all these years with all our aches and pains

Sitting here but on a different couch and still cuddling once again

From My World to Yours,

Bob Baker

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