Not About the Meal

As I sit here this morning in the comfort of my home
Just watching the news tell me about what is going on

They are talking about a tragic shooting in another state
And about how some are claiming racism on this special day

I don’t see Thanksgiving as a day for politics or a big political fight
Just as a special day for us all to be thankful for all the things in our life

To me it’s not a day to be thankful for that boat or that new car
But a day to give thanks for those special memories you’ve had in life so far

The memories of fun times with family and friends you’ve had along the way
The roof over your head that keep the cold and rain off of you today

It’s about giving thanks to the people on the front protecting our way of life
So you and I can enjoy our daily life and sleep in peace tonight

It’s about our founding fathers who fought and sacrificed life and limb
To create a land of freedom and never gave up even when things were grim

Yes Thanksgiving to me is one of my favorite days and it’s not about the meal
It’s about how we enjoy life with family in a country that is the greatest still

From My World to Yours,
Bob Baker

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