What the Hell is a Pronoun


I was with a group of people just the other day

When I was told by someone there be careful what you say

You see some people today are offended if you use the wrong word or term

They will get real mad and cry if you disagree with what they learned

They say you must use certain pronouns to fit in with society today

That can be a problem since I don’t know what pronoun I can say

You see I wasn’t that good in school and English that’s for sure

So I’m not sure what a pronoun does and a lesson I can’t endure

I really don’t understand why people today always get so upset

They act like little children when offended and break out in a sweat

So, all I have to say to this is If I use the wrong pronoun and you I offend

Grow up and get a life, because I really don’t care and won’t until the end

From My World to Yours,

Bob Baker

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