Exercise He Said 

So, the other day the Doctor told me I need to exercise some more 

But I really find exercising every day to be such a terrible bore 

So I asked the good Doctor what did he personally recommend 

And he said for me to ride a bike, walk or maybe start to swim 

I started my search for something that was of interest to me 

It couldn’t be real hard or hot and make me sweat don’t you see 

If I decided to swim at the Y people probably have peed in the pool 

And if I put on speedo people would laugh and I’d look like a pervert or fool 

No, swimming I don’t see working for me or very good fit 

But walking may be OK, hell I can stop and take a rest every little bit 


Then I started thinking about maybe buying me one of these fancy new bikes  

That seems like something fun and not too hard to do that I might really like

So I bought me a bike and one of those outfits with a helmet and tight-fitting shorts 

And took off looking good in my shorts for a long ride around the town lake shore 

You know this exercise stuff, if my crotch doesn’t chafe it ain’t all that damn bad 

But if the battery on this electric bike dies and I have to pedal I will be extremely mad 

From My World to Yours, 

Bob Baker 

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