Oh No What Shall I Do


I was folding clothes from the dryer just now 

When something hit me that is a major problem for me somehow 

Just then I suddenly noticed something was just not the same 

All of my underwear and socks were old with holes and that’s such a shame  

No new socks and underwear for Christmas, I just don’t understand 

I didn’t even get a single damn pair out of Santa Clause’s hand 

Now I have two choices to deal with in my simple life 

Go buy some myself or maybe I can ask a favor of my wife 

I don’t know where you actually buy these things since there was never a need to know 

Since for Christmas each and every year I knew I was always good to go 

Well, guess I’ll put on a pair of socks a hole in the toe and drawers with a hole in the ass 

And go to Walmart or Target and stock up for myself and better do it real fast  

From My World to Yours, 

Bob Baker 

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