Hard to Endure

Some go through life taking most things in stride
While others choose to live with humor and joy all wrapped up inside

I never understood why people choose to always be unhappy and sad
When it is just as easy to spend your time being thankful and glad

I look at each day as a blessing to cherish and hold
To look at life with laughter instead of bitter and cold

Not everything we touch in life goes according to plan
But we play the cards we are dealt and hope for a better hand

I’ve never seen a situation where a bad attitude helped you to win
But possibilities are endless with a light hearted outlook and grin

So I will close my eyes tonight and be thankful for the joy in my life
While others will lay awake fighting drama and sorrow under the bedside light

When the morning sun arises again the choice will be yours
Wake up cheerful and happy or face a day hard to endure

From My World to Yours,
Bob Baker

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