Roadside Cross



While driving down this lonely backwoods road today

I came upon a pitiful site there in the left side right of way

A lady was sitting on an old homemade pink wooden bench

Just staring at the faded flowers and cross next to the trench

The bench it was flacking, and paint it was severely worn

The flowers were all faded and ribbon, it was all frayed and torn

I couldn’t help but think to myself how long it had been in place

Or how many times in her life she had come to visit this same space

Was it a child that was lost in a tragic accident or someone else that she loved

Did she come here everyday of her life to ask why of the Lord above

Maybe it was just her quite place that gave her hope and solemn peace

Just sitting under the oak tree staring at faded flowers of blue and green

We all have our special way of dealing with tragedy that we don’t understand

Hers was talking to the faded flowers and roadside cross that behind them stands

From My World to Yours,

Bob Baker

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