Rain Like the Memories 

Staring from my porch watching the rain through the early morning light 

As it came down through the trees and the meadow was such a peaceful site


I couldn’t help but notice how the trees and grass suddenly were bright green 

With the dust of the dry hot days washed away and leaves left with a bright sheen 

The rain to trees and plants are the nourishment they need to flourish and survive 

Much like the love of a companion that provides drive and purpose to us in our life  

We all need that someone that like the rain gives us strength to grow and endure 

Through the dry times in our lives when our mind fills with dust and we feel insecure


Some of us are fortunate enough to have that someone always there at hand 

While others have seen theirs drift away like the desert’s blowing sand 

Whether yours is standing there with you today or just a precious memory of the past 

The effect like the rain has on the trees and grass the support and memories will forever last


From My World to Yours, 

Bob Baker 

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