Song in Our Mind


I woke up this morning with a song from my past playing in vividly my head 

I got in my truck and turned up the song as I drove down the road ahead 

This song it brought back memories of a special time in my younger years 

Ever since that time years ago, this song, it’s been embedded in my ears 

What makes a song stay with us and return unexplained time to time 

And bring with it the vivid image of that special time and place in our mind 

We all have these songs that bring back visions every time that special one we hear 

Might be of that first date or that night making love on the beach with someone dear


The memories that are projected by that special song can never be explained 

When you combine a song and special time its etched forever there in your brain 

So just turn up the music and enjoy this magical ride traveling back into your past  

I just remember about how at that time, you wished that special time would forever last 

From My World to Yours, 

Bob Baker 

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