Water Through the Rocks

As I sit here alone and gaze at the water flowing through the rocks

It reminds me of how our life flows through good times and its knots

Sometimes as we go through life our days seem fun and grand

Like playing on the beach that day with your daughter in sand

While the next day it comes to hit you with trouble that truly hurts

Or maybe a minor inconvenience like a stain on your new shirt

One thing you can rest assured is that tomorrow won’t be the same

So no matter what it brings to you to not embrace it would be a shame

From my World to Yours,

Bobby Baker

Actions Never Lie

I noticed something disheartening as I pulled up to a local little store

A young man talking on his phone was walking through the door

A little elderly lady on a walker shuffled to the door there behind

He let the door shut right in front of her which to me was so unkind

I couldn’t help but think about what my mother would have done

If I ever did such a thing as that to her, or for that matter anyone

We all show who we really are not by the things we say

But by our actions we take toward others each and every day

How hard would it really have been or how much time would it take

For that young man to have held the door and said “Have a nice day”

Yes, people really show their true character by actions they apply

Because at the end of the day words can but ACTIONS NEVER LIE

From My World to Yours,

Bob Baker

Election Day Again

The morning sun today begins to peak over the ocean and the beaches

It is again election day where candidates will see who believed their speeches

You have the two candidates that have presented their cases to the masses

And now the time has come where we cast our ballot and see who passes

At this time tomorrow morning some of us will be happy and full of joy

While others will be sad and maybe devastated as a child that lost their toy

But the great thing about the American process no matter who shall prevail

Is throughout the world we are so very fortunate that we have this story to tell

So all Americans should exercise their right and duty as some of us feel

To go out and cast your vote for the one that to you has the most appeal

If the one with which you do not agree should walk away with victory tonight

 It is the American way to support this person not to riot, loot and fight

The great thing about America is this day will come again in four more years

And without fail on that day some will be happy and others will be shedding tears

From My World to Yours,

Bob Baker

To You Behind the Fight

 We all have journeys throughout our life that we may want or we may not 

Some are full of fun and laughter where others just tie you into a knot 

One terrible road we all seem to face within ourselves or with someone we love 

Is the journey down a terrible path which I pray each day God could dispose of 

This terrible road is the fight with cancer that seems anymore to attack us all 

The disease doesn’t just affect the victim but also loved ones when they get the call 

We seem sometimes to overlook the strength and tears there behind the fight 

The loved ones that hold your hand and rub you’re your back when sick during the night 

Yes these are your support everyday that encourage and push you down the road 

When the fight seems like you can not take another chemo or radiation episode 

These are the ones that each day are there yet hide tears behind the door that is closed 

Because they don’t want you to see and have their own fear for you to be disclosed 

So thank you to the brave caregivers that are there supporting and giving that extra shove 

At the time sometimes we may not always show it but we thank you for your true love 

From My World to Yours, 

Bob Baker 

Hometown Memories

As I drove into downtown today and slowed as much as I could

For some reason it brought back memories of times of my childhood  

The Theater still stands there with the weathered marque sign

That once displayed the movies that were popular in that past time

As I turned down the main street store fronts are quite and some are bare

Except for the beautiful unique gift shop that draws folks from everywhere

When I was a young boy this two block street was busy and always full of life

There was a hardware, Five and Dime and drug stores that sold sodas for a dime

We rode our bicycles to the movie each Saturday after we did our chores

And we bought our back to school clothes and shoes downtown at these local stores

Now the town as it once was is only a memory of times and lives of the past

Even the hospital where I was born is now only a field of overgrown grass

We can never go back in time even though sometimes all wish that we could

But I can cherish my childhood memories of my hometown and how it once stood

From My World to Yours,

Bob Baker

Small Town Dixieland


As I pull up at the city hall of this lovely little southern town

I couldn’t help but feel the comfort of the atmosphere all around

Everyday life seems to move at a slower very soothing pace

With the aroma from Jeanie’s Diner fried chicken I could almost taste

 I stood there on the sidewalk and gazed around at the small town square

There were benches with drug store ads on the back and a war hero statue over there

Everyone that walked by politely smiled, waved and said how are you

Even one little lady stopped and said “To this town you must be new”

I walked into the city hall with it’s marvelous majestic ornate dome

In the center of the lobby the Ten Commandments display looked right at home

It made me wonder how in this land some places are so peaceful and full of pride

Where in others there is violence and so much anger folks are afraid to go outside

Now I can’t make choices for each and everyone that live throughout this land

But I can make the choice for me and that is to live in this small town in Dixieland  

From My World to Yours,

Bob Baker

Cotton Field Road


Some people choose to live in the city where skyscrapers seem to touch the clouds

Where people are hustling and bustling and car horns blaring are the normal sounds

Then there are others that prefer a slower more relaxing pace in their everyday life

So they move out to the suburbs with shaded streets and playgrounds that the children like

But the true backbone and life blood of our country are a very unique hard working breed

They choose to live way out on the back roads among the fields full of things we need

Yes friends these are our farmers the strongest hard working people in this great land

They climb on their tractor at daylight each morning and head to work with caloused hand

For without these great farmers that grow and harvest for us all the food we need

They put the food on our tables and clothes on our back all from a little seed

So as I drive this Georgia backroad and gaze at trucks leaving the fields with another load

I thank God for these hard working people that live and work on this beautiful cotton field road

From My World to Yours,

Bob Baker

On The River Bank


As I sit here all alone with the tranquility of nature there before my eyes

The gentle current of the Suwannee drifts by just like the days of our life

Some days of our life seem to flow so even and extremely smooth

While others have treacherous currents that we have to fight hard through

The steep banks across the river side and on the bank beneath my feet

Represent the challenges of life we climb every day that we are forced to meet

But in the end it seems so simple with deer everywhere and birds chirping in the trees

The simple beauty of it all makes me want to take a moment to give thanks there on my knees

There is nothing that puts life into perspective like this simple moment here that I see

Everyone needs to take a break and sit on a river bank for just a moment just like me

From My World to Yours,

Bob Baker

Ariana Elizabeth

I never knew such joy I see when I look into your shining little eyes

The little movements of your hands and feet just a sweet surprise

As I look at your pictures each day from Mom you will never know the joy

Greater than a little boy on Christmas Day getting a brand new toy

Yes, little one the joy you bring to us is way beyond compare

The only thing that breaks my heart is we are here and you are there

You will grow through life into a woman one day and it will come way to fast

So just always follow your dreams and never quit and life will be unsurpassed

Yes, there will be times that Mom, Dad and you will not see eye to eye

But always remember they will be there for you so spread your wings and fly

Oh, my little one if you only knew of life’s adventures that surely lie ahead

Some will be full of joy and laughter yet there will be others that you will dread

But for now you just lie there and look beautiful for us little Ariana Elizabeth

And remember you have a family that will always love you until our last breath

From My World to Yours,

Big Daddy

All In An Instant


We all go through life planning our future that lies ahead 

Making plans for our career or maybe the day that we will wed 

We plan out our money to hopefully get us through our later years 

We plan vacations with our children just to hear them laugh and cheer 

We plan what kind of car we want and where our house will be 

You see our life in our eyes must follow a certain path laid out for thee 

But then life throws a curve ball that hits us right between the eyes 

And tragedy is suddenly standing in our path bringing sorrow, fear or cries 

We all will face these unknown challenges that arise there in our path 

But with the faith in God and determination we will survive the aftermath 

So always plan your road ahead and always chase your cherished dreams 

But just keep in mind life can change ALL IN AN INSTANT IT SOMETIMES SEEMS 

From My World to Yours, 

Bob Baker 

Throw the Mask Away

Things in today’s world unfortunately have taken a bizarre and tragic turn

Who would have dreamed we would wear a mask and watch our buildings burn

There as I look around people’s faces are covered as they live in fear

Afraid the person next to them have a disease that spreads to people near

Then as you walk the streets of our great cities throughout this great land

You see the destruction that was spread about by a rioter’s vicious savage hand

I will never understand what goes on in the mind of someone that lives in fear

Or what makes a person think destruction is the answer to me remains unclear

So is running from this disease hiding behind a cheap homemade flowered mask

Or is destroying our city streets burning them down is this the answer I do ask

No neither of these things will ever cure our problems in way, shape or form

With the press fueling the fire with hate and fear only keeps our society torn

So take control of your emotions and face your own life as it comes to you today

Then and only then will hate and fear subside, and we can throw the masks away

From My World to Yours,

Bob Baker

Honor Our Heritage


The fourth of July again this year has now moved along

Everyone has left the party where they played patriotic songs


The American flags and banners are now all coming down

And we all forget about our heritage until next year rolls around


Why is it we honor our heritage and founders only one day a year

And then people try to avoid our history and hide it as if in fear


Some think that we should not teach our history to students in school

Because for some reason they find shame in things that were cruel


To me I see things different and do not agree with everything in our past

But if we deny history how will we learn from mistakes that were vast


You can stop teaching history and make all of the statues fade away

But if this happens our children will repeat their mistakes again one day


You see we learn from our ancestors and their triumphs and mistakes

From them and only them we learn choices we should and should not make


From My World to Yours,

Bob Baker

Last Trip Around the Sun


It seems that another year in my life has just now come and gone

And today I was lucky enough to wake to a gorgeous morning dawn


As I get older it seems the years just seem to rapidly fly away

For as I look back in time my last birthday was just the other day


The great thing I love about aging is the peace I’ve grown to enjoy

I don’t have anyone to impress or want to buy any of the new toys


Yes, my world is quite comfortable here with my little dog and my wife

Just taking an unplanned ride or trip somewhere is the highlight of my life


If only I had come to know this peace within throughout my early years

How many days I could have had in laughter instead of days of tears


I spent my early years as others fighting each day for money and success

And living every waking moment of life full of worry and the stress


So as I reach this final phase of life I say for us all to live for joy and fun

For you and I will never know if this just might be our last trip around the sun


From My World to Yours,

Bob Baker

July 4th- America’s Day

The 4th of July is upon us Americans to celebrate once again
Most just see as day off work and don’t know how it did begin
It is recognizing the day when our Independence it was won
We stood up with arms and defeated the army of the much stronger one
We were tired of the oppression; harsh ruling and the taxes
So true patriots came together fighting with guns, knives and axes
We proved to the world that Americans, were fierce and we were strong
And if you want your freedom bad enough you must fight what is wrong
This should stand as a lesson to the people in the world out there oppressed today
That if you really want your freedom you must fight and not just run away
If you are willing to fight like America the greatest country of them all
Only then when you will stand up and fight the tyrant they then will fall
The Declaration of Independence was signed on July 4, 1776
We’ve been together and apart at times throughout history ever since
But one thing is for sure throughout the world they know both far and wide
When TRUE AMERICANS are tested they will not roll over or just lay down and die
So let it be known to the evil both abroad and to the evil attacking from within
You don’t want to take on TRUE AMERICANS for we will never let you win
From My World to Yours
Bob Baker

Statues Fall and Buildings They do Burn


As we gaze at the news or listen while driving in our car

The turmoil and despair seem to be both near and far


Crime in some cities seem to be running rampant and out of control

Criminals destroy innocent lives as if possessed by an evil soul


They are not happy about the what their lives have now become

And look to blame society and history along with everyone


Now I’m the first to acknowledge history to some has not been fair

But that’s no reason to try to spread terror and fear to others everywhere


No one living in this great country of ours, either young or old today

Is responsible for the actions of past generations no matter what you say


So to heal the wounds of times gone by for which we all do surely yearn

Will be harder to take place as long as statues fall and buildings they do burn


From My World to Yours,

Bob Baker

  If My Loved One passed Away


I was leisurely driving slowly down a beautiful country road

When I came upon a fork and not real sure which way to go


I looked at my passenger as she calmly pointed me the way

With her usual smile and gesture didn’t need anything to say


You see we have been together for the biggest part of our life

First we met and were lovers then became a husband and wife


This got me to thinking about how to each we tend to grow

And after a lifetime together how one day one of us must go


What in life will be different when your loved one passes away

All of sudden there will not a be passenger smiling and pointing the way


The simple conversations about things that really don’t mean a whole lot

Or going with them to buy new plants for the yard or again maybe not


Yes it is the simple things we do together I would miss most I must say

IF the good Lord called her today and My Loved One Passed Away


From My World to Yours,

Bob Baker

  Highway 741


If we all would drive the back roads of this great land in which we live

And slow down and take in the sites and beauty they all have to give


We all would find the turmoil that we are battered with from the news

Simply seems to not exist in small towns where people have wholesome views


As I drove the country road through farm land from Strasburg to the town of Gap

I couldn’t help but think how happy we all would be if we traveled without a map


I was heading south from the north to my home in the little town in which I live

The only think that I really needed was the guidance the sun had to give


The sun was setting in the west so as I drove, I just kept it to my right

Instead of driving the interstate with maps I take the time to see the sites


Little known places like the Dutch Wonderland or town of Bird in Hand

Until you take the time to slow down and see these you will never understand


So get in the car turn the radio off and stay on the two lane roads just for fun

And if you are in Pennsylvania be sure to take the drive on beautiful Highway 471


From My World to Yours,

Bob Baker

 Overlook at Tallulah Gorge


I had something sad and tragic happen today on a road trip with my bride

We stopped at our favorite little store on a lonely little mountain roadside


This little store has been a fixture for thousands that have been stopping there for years

Remembering sitting in the rocking chair with moon pie and RC brings back such happy tears


We have always stopped at this special  hidden place in Georgia for over 40 years of our life

Why we have been making this sacred  stop with our daughter way more than once or twice


When we made our special daughter and daddy trip home for her to become a bride

The first thing that she asked to do was to stop at the gorge with me there by her side


Tragically this piece of history, like so many others, will now just fade away

Because the owner of the land has told them that the store must move away


It is more than just shutting the door on this little run down roadside country store

It’s closing the door on memories created that will last our children for evermore


I know that progress is something that cannot be slowed and ahead we must forge

But it doesn’t make any easier to watch the dying of the Overlook at Tallulah Gorge


From My World to Yours,

Bob Baker

Celebrate Your Mom


The day is now upon us to celebrate our mothers once again

For without these beautiful creatures’ life would never even begin


Mothers are the wonderful gifts from God that give new life each day

They are the ones that nurture and guide us each until we learn our way


Some mothers they gave us life, while others answered a needed call

Some mothers are ours naturally and to others are not natural at all


Our mothers whether through natural birth or need, we love with all our heart

And the strong love between a mother and child should never ever fall apart


There are times in life when Mothers and children seem to strongly disagree

But when I look back upon those times in my life I’m glad Mom felt different than me


My Mom was strong and had a firm stance on things both right and wrong

But she taught us kids to be honest, good and in life you must be strong


So as you celebrate your Mom today remember the things that she did good

For her main purpose in this world is to teach you to live life as you should


From My World to Yours,

Bob Baker

Little Memories

I was talking with the kids today about their baby that’s on the way
We were talking about what they can expect about their future days
It brought back memories of when our daughter was young and still at home
The little things like watching her Momma brush her hair with the silver comb
How she would squirm and fuss when on a tangle the comb would get caught
She would run to me and hide from Momma and the mean ole comb she thought
The nights when we would all just lie in bed and she would talk about her day
Telling us in detail about what she did and what her friends all had to say
It was about watching her at the games out there cheering with her friends
Cheer leading the home town football team on hopefully to another win
It’s about all of the little things of her growing up that no money can afford
Like the bright sunny Sunday at the lake when she gave her life to the Lord
No monetary value can be placed on little memories that occurred each day
As they always did and continue still today even after her Mom and I gave her away
From My World to Yours,
Bob Baker