How You Play the Hand

“It’s not the cards you’re dealt it the way you play your hand”

This is an old saying that I think about every chance I can


It is one of the greatest lessons we will all learn in our life

Just another of the basics just like using a fork and a knife


We will never get through life without it’s ups and downs

We will all have days in life some with smiles and some with frowns


In life it’s not whether we will have problems in our life someday

It is whether we choose to handle them in a negative or positive way


So as I face the daily problems that I encounter in my own little space

I always try to choose to play my hand to win and in a way I can embrace


From My World to Yours,

Bob Baker

Great Song

We all have our days when things seem to bring you down

Your life seems in shambles with problems and no way around


You walk through the door and wander aimlessly to your car

Crank up your private haven and just want drive away far


When the car door shuts and you are there in silence all alone

Away from the outside world problems and away from the phone


It doesn’t take long before you forget things that are wrong

Because we crank up the music and play our favorite song


That song may be about a love or a special time from your past

That song may be a slow heart wrenching ballad or rock and roll fast


It doesn’t matter the music as we all have our own style

Some of us like the classics and others like loud and wild


But one thing is for sure when things in my life seem to go wrong

Nothing cures my problems better than cranking up loud a great song


From My World to Yours,

Bob Baker

Have Dreams

When you start out today and your feet first hit the bedroom floor

You shower and get dressed then head out of your home’s front door


You can choose how you want to face the day lying there just ahead

You can charge the world destined to win or limp through a day you dread


We all should have goals that we strive hard every day to achieve

Things we want in our life and dreams in which we strongly believe


To each of us in this world what we want will differ in every way

Some it is more money others to just make up with their child today


No matter what you want to achieve today maybe large or maybe small

To have something in life to dream for and reach to get applies to us all


From My World to Yours,

Bob Baker

TV Gadgets

I love watching those TV commercials early morning every day

The things that they sell that will surely change our life in every way


Today I saw something amazing that will change something we do

It is a pot with a swivel strainer for making potatoes for your stew


This pot has a strainer that swivels when you pour water in the sink

The girl says it changed her life pouring out the water in just a blink


Now I took a moment to ponder things that could change my life

Things of real importance that could remove the stress and strife


I thought of different things I could purchase to make life easy for me

I could buy that electric chair to help climb up and down stairs with ease


Then I would buy the knives they sell that will cut up tomatoes and steel

So after cutting up the salad for supper I could chop the wood, no big deal


Then I could get the new gadget I bought that will entertain the cat

Instead of letting the cat go outside to chase away the bugs and rats


As I get ready to buy these amazing gadgets, that look so cool to me

Then testosterone in a bottle appears, Yeah that’s what I really need


From My World to Yours,

Bob Baker

The Season Has Begun

Thanksgiving Day is now over and the season has begun

People now rush the stores buying gifts for their loved ones


They buy toys for the kids they love and clothes for older ones

Maybe planning a trip far away to visit their daughters and sons


Christmas season is such a special time for my family and for me

It is a time my wife loves to decorate the house and the Christmas tree


There will be ribbons and garland everywhere throughout our family home

Christmas music is playing throughout air in every room you may roam


We will be making plans for our Christmas not sure yet what they will be

Maybe travel to see the kids or maybe they’ll come here we’ll have to see


You see Christmas time is not about the gifts or all the flickering lights

It’s about being with family and friends that bring all the joy into our life


As I grow older in life the material possessions mean a lot less to me

It’s all about the love of your family that’s important I’ve learned to see


From My World to Yours,

Bob Baker

Thanksgiving Day

Today is a day for all Americans to stop and give thanks

Businesses are all closed including stores and the banks


We should all spend the day with our spouse and our kids

Laughing and talking while eating those turkeys and pigs


Some family’s will not be together for reasons beyond their control

Some may live far away but are with family in their heart and their soul


Americans today are the most fortunate people on this earth

Able to enjoy days like this in freedom from the time of their birth


So in the oven put your pumpkin pie and enjoy your great meal

And take a moment to give thanks for all of life’s pleasures you feel


From My World to Yours,

Bob Baker





Little Blue Pill

I sat down this morning with coffee in my hand

Turned on the news to check on news of the land


The first thing I saw an ad for a little blue pill

Guaranteed to change life and give you a thrill


It said that if you use this magic pill your life will renew

There would be joy in the bedroom more than you knew


I’m not sure of the joy they all were speaking about

But I wonder if it was healing my sore shoulder or gout


As an old couple with little energy and lot’s of aches and pains

Taking a pill that does what they say to me seems a little insane


Not sure what I would do for fours hours with a condition as such

But if it only lasted four minutes might still be way too much


So I sit there and contemplate going to buy the little blue pill today

I think I’ll just go make me some breakfast probably safer that way


From My World to Yours,

Bob Baker

Dad had to Leave

I woke up this morning to a picture that brought back no memories to me

It was an old WW ll photograph of my father there smiling you see


I don’t remember anything or have memories about life with my Dad

As he was taken away so early by accident when I was only 4 how sad


They say that something good comes from each tragedy in our life

As it did when my father was taken by a gun shot not disease or a knife


My mother was left at that instant with six young children to feed

Where would she get food, shelter and clothes that we would need


She grew up in that instant when the police gave her the news

And to give up and lie in self pity is something she had to refuse


My mom became the strongest person I have ever been graced to know

She became both our mother and father attending sports and school shows


She taught us all to be fighters and in life to never give in

When things get tough as they will to reach down deep within


I have a great family and a bond that is stronger than most can believe

And in the end this may not have happened had my Dad not had to leave



From My World to Yours,

Bob Baker

Screen Porch

There is something that has died but desperately needs to return
From this terrible mistake I hope there’s something we have learned

This simple little thing is needed to make everyone’s life complete
It is our own little world of solitude overlooking our little street

It is a part of American culture that sadly has died and gone away
And when we look at issues in this world this I feel is partly to blame

It gives you a place to enjoy your coffee, tea, wine or a beer
And the neighbor’s conversations you can secretly overhear

It is not an engineering marvel like a bridge or building built high
Just something very simple with a screen and some outdoor light

This is a place to just sit and maybe talk with family about your day
Without the TV blaring it’s distractions and getting in the way

It is a place that I do adore and think no one should ever live without
It’s just a simple little screen porch with rocking chairs on the front of everybody’s house

From My World to Yours,
Bob Baker

Your Decision

When we wake up this morning and begin to face the day

We all have to make a choice as we awake and go our way


Some of us will choose to be happy and just glad to be alive

Others will take the path of self pity without even knowing why


Why do some people live their life dwelling on their daily woes

Feeling sorry for themselves before the floor touches their toes


We see them at the stores where we shop and in our work place

We all know who they are and can tell by the look on their face


We ask how they are doing but know what the answer will be

It is one of sadness and despair the same each day you see


Then you ask the simple question what could be so bad

Then they tell it’s just a bad day and to me that’s just so sad


There are people that choose to live their life in total misery

These folks have been in this world throughout our history


But to me I refuse to make the choice of not to cherish every day

I want to live each day to the fullest and enjoy life on the way


You see to me a bad day in life is something I refuse it to exist

But there have been a few along the way that I could have missed


So as we start out today on our journey that we all will take

Whether you have a bad day or great day is your decision to make


From My World to Yours,

Bob Baker


Southern Culture

My Mother was always Momma and is until this day

My Father is Daddy and never called any another way


I never answered Momma not saying “Yes Mam” or “No Mam”

Always had Sunday dinner at noon with fried chicken or baked ham


I open doors for people who are behind me in the line

And always say “You’re welcome” and “Glad to anytime”


To every waitress in the restaurant “Honey” is my name

If you didn’t say “Thank you” Momma said “I’m so ashamed”


We all turn out for the funerals of everyone in our town

Doesn’t matter if you like them just look sad and have a frown


I always take time to give directions to strangers passing by

They always include a history of the road and I’m not sure why


Southerners they say don’t talk or tell a story very fast

I just like to color the picture so your enjoyment will long last


I work hard for my money and always take time to pray

This is just part of my southern culture I’m very proud to say


From My World to Yours,

Bo Baker

Newspaper Joy Lost

As I sit here in this quite hotel lobby I see a sad dying scene

Something very simple that bring great memories back to me


There upon the counter looking lonely and kind of sad

There sat the morning paper not one person wanted or had


There used to be a time when the paper started everyone’s day

The first thing each morning was to see what they had to say


The best part of my week was Sunday morning on the couch

My wife at one end with me and the news paper spread about


We would read each other stories of things around the town

And look and see how much pork chops were on sale a pound


The weekly ads were something that everyone talked about

You had to hurry to the Winn Dixie before sale items all ran out


You knew who was in the hospital and who had legal woes

You knew the football scores and who had a sale on clothes


Now we get our news online and from cable TV shows

No longer have a paper boy on his bike with newspapers to throw


Those days have disappeared now and never will return

The joy of reading the morning paper our kids will never learn


From My World to Yours,

Bob Baker

Never a Bad Day

There is something about a fall morning that brings comfort to me

Not sure if it’s the weather or just the color of the leaves that I see


Sometimes we are in a hurry and don’t take time to just stop

And look around and be thankful for everything we have got


I don’t mean the big things like houses, boats and cars

I’m talking about the falling fall leaves or clear midnight stars


You know the little things in life that money can not buy

That the good Lord blessed us with and I’m not sure why


But we need to just take a deep breath and slowly look around

And admire the beauty around if just a fallen leaf on the ground


I try to remember how blessed I am in my own special way

And I promise you will never hear me say that I’ve had a bad day


From My World to Yours,

Bob Baker

A Child’s Tragedy

I opened my eyes today and saw the world for the first time

Looked around and saw a mommy and daddy who appeared to be mine


Everyone looked so happy that this day had finally arrived

I knew love is something that I would never be deprived


My world seemed so happy as I learned lots of new stuff

Then I’m not sure what happened but things seemed to get rough


My mommy wasn’t happy and daddy always was mad

Then this loving world of mine turned into a place very sad


All I wanted was a safe happy world to have as a home

You know a place I could be safe in to play and to roam


But this safe happy home has turned to terror and fear

Where every time my daddy is mad I cry when he comes near


I’m not sure what I did to deserve to be treated like this

But the mommy and daddy I used to know are really missed


The constant fighting and anger fill this house every day

Why can’t someone please make this pain and fear go away


Most of you can’t understand or believe the life I have to endure

But just look at your own town’s children and you will see me I’m sure


From My World to Yours,

Bob Baker

A Home

We all have different opinions of what makes a house a home
They all may look a little different in every town we may roam

As we drive from town to town throughout this vast great land
We will see different kinds of houses from New York to Dixieland

Now some houses may be beautiful with a white painted picket fence
While others may be in need of repair that to us might make no sense

But we will never know what lies behind that front door and the walls
The love, fear or maybe the misfortune of the residents in them all

Some people feel that what makes a home is how big the structure stands
Where in fact what makes a house a home is the family’s loving hands

It doesn’t matter if the house has four rooms or maybe even ten
The house will only become a home from whatever lies within

A home is a place where love and joy and memories take first place
A place where children want to come home too for it is their safe space

A home is a loving place no matter whether it is big or small
Whether it sits on a quiet little street or high rise standing tall

So if you want your house to truly become a loving home today
It can only come from your heart within and not from where you stay

From My World to Yours,
Bob Baker

Coffee in my Hand

I love this time of year when the weather begins to change

How fast it goes from summer to fall always seems so strange


You go from sleeping in the closed up house running cold AC

To sleeping with your windows open feeling the night’s cool breeze


In Florida it goes from walking outside and suddenly covered in sweat

To rocking on the screen porch and being as comfortable as it gets


The squirrels are busy in the yard digging for acorns to store for winter food

I’m just sitting with my coffee in hand as the sun arises in complete solitude


I sure do love when the weather cools down it creates happiness in the air

People are in such better moods and you see them outside everywhere


People in our little town put on their sweaters and take walks around the town

It’s like people move at a slower pace and loose that scorching hot frown


It’s like everyone takes the time to walk slower maybe even stop and say hello

And people seem to enjoy this weather as the fall evening breeze lightly blows


The seasons in this southern state don’t change as in the states up north

But when it gets to 60 degrees you can bet we will be bundled up of course


So as the seasons turn from summer to fall in states throughout this great land

I’ll sit here on the porch rocking enjoying the weather with my coffee in my hand


From My World to Yours,

Bob Baker

Don’t Even Take a Map

Some people in life feel they need a bunch of expensive toys

Like fancy boats and exotic cars to feel their need for joy


Some people get their fun from expensive lavish trips

Maybe taken on the Orient Express or a fancy cruise ship


Now we all like to have fun and enjoy the finer things in life

We need the time to just recharge and relieve all of the strife


We all can’t always just pack up and head out at any time

Or jump in a fancy boat or car and leave at the drop of a dime


But we all can take a just little time on any Sunday afternoon

To get in the car and take a drive and explore like Daniel Boone


You don’t have to trek through the forest or climb a mountain wall

You can find things on an old back road that bring pleasure to us all


It may be the little deserted cemetery lying beneath the old Oak trees

Or the road with branches hanging across full of autumns colored leaves


You may find a road that travels past a meadow full of wild flowers

If you are lucky you will see it during one of summer’s light rain showers


There is nothing more fun than to just drive down a little lonesome road

Not knowing or caring where the little road ends or even where it goes


You may see a little run down shack that was someone’s home many years ago

But now it no longer houses them but is a place for beautiful vines to grow


So next Sunday afternoon pack a picnic and put on sunglasses and a baseball cap

Roll down your windows and drive America’s back roads and don’t even take a map


From My World to Yours,

Bob Baker

America Today

Have you ever really looked at the things there in your life

The amount of good things compared to sadness, pain and strife


We all will leave our homes today and venture into the world

Some of us will move at a slow pace and others in a frantic whirl


The one thing we in America will all have and be able to share

Is the ability to chase our own dreams without fear or despair


Some of us out there are Doctors and others love to farm the land

Some want to be on stage while others give needy a helping hand


No matter what the news reports or politicians they portray

There will never be a greater place to live than America today


America gives us all opportunity to follow our path and dreams

Sometimes it may not be easy and almost impossible it seems


Nowhere else in this wide world can you make your dreams come true

Like you can here in American with hard work, faith and follow through


So when you are out there protesting and wanting things to change

Take time to look around the world at see what you might get in exchange


So I will leave my home today with my small problems all packed away

Because without a doubt I live in the greatest country “AMERICA” today


From My World to Yours,

Bob Baker

Helping Hand


I was sitting in the doctor’s office patiently waiting for my turn

I had not a clue about the tragic news I was about to learn


I will never forget the image of the look he gave to me

It was a look of desperation of what he had just seen


The news to me was devastating and I was in a terrible mess

The prognosis it was cancer worse than I could ever guess


I walked from the office knowing my future it was very bleak

My life was now in turmoil and but a cure I had to seek


I will never forget how life changed on that dreadful day

Things that were important before just seemed to fade away


I knew I had to fight this battle with all the strength and faith I had

I refused to not win this fight and leave my daughter without her dad


Some people choose face this disease without the will to fight

But to me I chose to give everything and fight with all my might


Now as I look back on this time and the long and painful war

I am thankful for the experience as it changed me for evermore


My life now is full of happiness and I am a much better loving man

So maybe it was just God’s way of giving me that needed helping hand



From My World to Yours,

Bob Baker

Last Thing You See

As I look across the country meadow covered with morning dew

And I see the sun rising and bringing with it another day anew


I don’t give much thought to how special it is to see this beautiful site

Or to look at the midnight sky and stars that shine ever so bright


All of the little things that we all see throughout our busy day

What would our life be like if all of sudden they went away


What if you woke this morning and no longer could see the sun

Would you want the last thing you saw to be beautiful or fun


Some of us may want to see a peaceful mountain stream

Or the waves splashing on the beach as our final scene


Maybe it would be the clouds forming in the clear blue sky

It might even be seeing your mother cooking her apple pie


We all have different things that we would want as our last to see

But to me it would be as simple as my family sitting there with me



From My World to Yours,

Bob Baker