Calluses and Dirty Hands

From the day you are born your parents preach every day

They tell you being a Doctor or Lawyer is the best way


They say go to college and get your degree

Your life will be good this you will see


But when we look around there are so many paths

Thank goodness college wasn’t in everyone’s past


When you look around this country at everything you see

You see schools, bridges and houses built for you and me


As you sit at the table and enjoy tonight’s meal

Just give a short thought to the farmer in the field


When you leave home in your car to drive your child to school

Remember your car wasn’t built by a Doctor but by a man with tools


Some people look down at workers with hands covered with grease

But you need to remember without them progress would cease


These hard workers build, farm and are the backbone of our land

So I thank God for the man with calluses and dirt on their hands


From My World To Yours,

Bob Baker


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