Just Getting By

While going through a little town just the other day

I saw an man carrying a garbage bag and struggling from the weight


There was no doubt by the way he looked his life was not much fun

He was wearing dirty ragged clothes carrying his possessions in the sun


This started me thinking about where his life went wrong

Family problems or mental illness that had been going on to long   


Was this man a business man or a forgotten veteran of war

And is he doomed to live life this way from now to evermore


I have been through hard times just like most of you

But I knew I had family there to always get me through


I hope I will never go hungry and have a roof over my head

I hope I never have to dig in garbage to find old food or bread


It’s hard to imagine what went wrong in his life or why

But as so many out there he lives life just getting by


From My World To Yours,

Bob Baker

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