If Church Pews Could Talk

As I walked through the front door of this little house of the Lord

All of the pews were empty and the sense of peace I truly did adore


The wood work of many years ago truly make this a special space

The flags hang next to the windows and the Pulpit in its special place


The pews with their red cushions and aged wood polished to its best

All I could think about is how many people they have given needed rest


This church’s history it has seen happiness and sorrow for more than a few

How many hurting people have gained comfort sitting in these old pews


The church lawn is still immaculate with a cemetery on the grounds

There is a statue of our Lord and Savior and white rail fence around


Nothing could give me more comfort than when around this church I walk

Just thinking about the life stories of others if only these pews could talk


From My World To Yours,

Bob Baker

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