Grandma’s House


A little house sits in shambles there on the lonely street
It used to be a happy place where family all would meet

The little rooms of this house were always filled with joy
Where as kids we would play outside not needing any toy

There was no greater time in life than when cousins did arrive
It was like Christmas time and this little house really came alive

Grandma would be in the kitchen fixing a true southern feast
And we as kids were running around under Grandpa’s feet

We would get down to our underwear and get the garden hose
Squirting both boys and girls getting soaked from head to toes

When the night time fell upon us we would all pile into one bed
And make plans for the excitement for the day that lie ahead

To most people that see this house it’s just a falling down old shack
But to me it’s all the memories of Grandma’s house that keep coming back

From My World to Yours,
Bob Baker

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