When Those Towers Fell


It was 7:00 AM that morning when they said goodbye and left for work
Some were police some were fireman others were innocent office clerks

The sky was such beautiful blue that morning not cloud to be found
As they all walked the city streets cabs and horns were the only sound

Others rushed through airport lines so they would not miss their flight
The one thing they had in common was they all just woke from their last night

Little did all of these heroes know this would be their final day
History was about to change forever and their lives were the price to pay

In just an instant that morning fire filled the New York and DC sky
With terror and destruction everywhere all you could do is ask why

How do people get so evil and filled with all of this terrible hate
That they can just get up and go kill thousands and not even hesitate

In the end the evil did not win fore Americans all came to their aid
Heroes filled the streets and recruiting offices as if in a big parade

Our enemies around the world keep trying to cast their hateful speech
Against the greatest nation on earth where opportunity is what we teach

A message to all of the radical forces who teach and push this hatred spell
America will never forget the lost lives and the heroes of when those towers fell

From My World to Yours,
Bob Baker

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