Marble Bench


The day was kind of misty and overcast I would say
I was traveling through Miami trying to find my way

There was no GPS back then so I had to read a map
I was getting tired and weary and I needed a little nap

In the middle of the city hidden under the swaying palm trees
Was one of the most peaceful beautiful places I have ever seen

As if I was drawn there by someone that knew I was in need
It was a very strange feeling not bad but very loving, yes indeed

This was an old Monastery showing beauty and grace from age
The garden gate was open and welcoming with Mary there on her stage

As I walked down the path alone through the gardens of this holy place
I came upon this marble bench saying please sit awhile I have space

It was a very special time of my life fore I knew my life would be fine
As I sat alone and spoke about my life I could feel God’s hand in mine

In the Monastery garden my problems all seemed to just fade away
On that marble bench in the Monastery garden on that drizzly day

From My World To Yours,
Bob Baker

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