Times with Friends and Family


There are times when wonderful memories travel through our mind
Memories of playing outside in the rain and others of this kind

I remember Grandpa’s birthday picnics with family at the springs
Cousins from all over would bring chicken along with other things

We would all run to the ice cold water and take that fearful jump
Then swing from the rope that hung above that old bank side stump

It is sad things as a child that were fun fade away as we grow old
We must be mature and responsible this is what we are all told

The truth is we can not run as fast and play as we once did
We can’t jump as high or throw a ball as hard as when a kid

As I am growing older these memories seem to pop up more
It seems the memories of my life are the things that I adore

Not once does the memory of the new car or boat take first place
But it’s memories of friends and family that take up my mind’s space

So when you think about what is important in your life as you grow
Remember times with friends and family are most important, this is what I know

From My World to Yours,
Bob Baker

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