Waves on the Pier


Sometimes we all have days that go ever so well
Then we have others that might not go so swell

It seems throughout our life there are many times of fun
You know the days we like to lay or just play in the sun

Then there are others that no matter how hard you try
You just want to throw in the towel and curl up and die

We have all had these days both the good and the bad
And we have all had things happen that were ever so sad

But the one thing in life that we all need to keep in check
Is a moment every now and then to just sit down and reflect

Reflect on all of the gifts that have been given to us all
Things like the season’s winter, spring, summer and fall

So as you move through this world at life’s ever fast pace
Take time to stop and reflect in your own special place

We all need a place where they can just sit and think without fear
Mine’s on the beach listening and watching waves hit the pier

From My World to Yours,
Bobby Baker

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