If Life Had A Re-write

Have you ever given thought about how your life would be

If you could do it all over again completely from A to Z


If I could do mine again I might study a lot harder in school

And maybe not worry so much if what I was wearing really made me cool


I would have driven a little slower while driving down the highway

Which would have saved me lots of money that I could have put away


I could do some things different like not party and drink so much

And instead of all the hotdogs and fries I would eat more salads for my lunch


When I was older I would have worked harder to make more money

But just thinking to do that I would’ve had to be away and miss my honey


Maybe I would have traveled more to do more for my career

But if my daughter called out daddy I would not have been there to hear


So in the end I have to say even though everything was not always right

I would not want to change my life and have it done over in a Re-write


From My World to Yours,

Bob Baker

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