Last Thing You See

As I look across the country meadow covered with morning dew

And I see the sun rising and bringing with it another day anew


I don’t give much thought to how special it is to see this beautiful site

Or to look at the midnight sky and stars that shine ever so bright


All of the little things that we all see throughout our busy day

What would our life be like if all of sudden they went away


What if you woke this morning and no longer could see the sun

Would you want the last thing you saw to be beautiful or fun


Some of us may want to see a peaceful mountain stream

Or the waves splashing on the beach as our final scene


Maybe it would be the clouds forming in the clear blue sky

It might even be seeing your mother cooking her apple pie


We all have different things that we would want as our last to see

But to me it would be as simple as my family sitting there with me



From My World to Yours,

Bob Baker

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