Helping Hand


I was sitting in the doctor’s office patiently waiting for my turn

I had not a clue about the tragic news I was about to learn


I will never forget the image of the look he gave to me

It was a look of desperation of what he had just seen


The news to me was devastating and I was in a terrible mess

The prognosis it was cancer worse than I could ever guess


I walked from the office knowing my future it was very bleak

My life was now in turmoil and but a cure I had to seek


I will never forget how life changed on that dreadful day

Things that were important before just seemed to fade away


I knew I had to fight this battle with all the strength and faith I had

I refused to not win this fight and leave my daughter without her dad


Some people choose face this disease without the will to fight

But to me I chose to give everything and fight with all my might


Now as I look back on this time and the long and painful war

I am thankful for the experience as it changed me for evermore


My life now is full of happiness and I am a much better loving man

So maybe it was just God’s way of giving me that needed helping hand



From My World to Yours,

Bob Baker

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