America Today

Have you ever really looked at the things there in your life

The amount of good things compared to sadness, pain and strife


We all will leave our homes today and venture into the world

Some of us will move at a slow pace and others in a frantic whirl


The one thing we in America will all have and be able to share

Is the ability to chase our own dreams without fear or despair


Some of us out there are Doctors and others love to farm the land

Some want to be on stage while others give needy a helping hand


No matter what the news reports or politicians they portray

There will never be a greater place to live than America today


America gives us all opportunity to follow our path and dreams

Sometimes it may not be easy and almost impossible it seems


Nowhere else in this wide world can you make your dreams come true

Like you can here in American with hard work, faith and follow through


So when you are out there protesting and wanting things to change

Take time to look around the world at see what you might get in exchange


So I will leave my home today with my small problems all packed away

Because without a doubt I live in the greatest country “AMERICA” today


From My World to Yours,

Bob Baker

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