Don’t Even Take a Map

Some people in life feel they need a bunch of expensive toys

Like fancy boats and exotic cars to feel their need for joy


Some people get their fun from expensive lavish trips

Maybe taken on the Orient Express or a fancy cruise ship


Now we all like to have fun and enjoy the finer things in life

We need the time to just recharge and relieve all of the strife


We all can’t always just pack up and head out at any time

Or jump in a fancy boat or car and leave at the drop of a dime


But we all can take a just little time on any Sunday afternoon

To get in the car and take a drive and explore like Daniel Boone


You don’t have to trek through the forest or climb a mountain wall

You can find things on an old back road that bring pleasure to us all


It may be the little deserted cemetery lying beneath the old Oak trees

Or the road with branches hanging across full of autumns colored leaves


You may find a road that travels past a meadow full of wild flowers

If you are lucky you will see it during one of summer’s light rain showers


There is nothing more fun than to just drive down a little lonesome road

Not knowing or caring where the little road ends or even where it goes


You may see a little run down shack that was someone’s home many years ago

But now it no longer houses them but is a place for beautiful vines to grow


So next Sunday afternoon pack a picnic and put on sunglasses and a baseball cap

Roll down your windows and drive America’s back roads and don’t even take a map


From My World to Yours,

Bob Baker

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