Coffee in my Hand

I love this time of year when the weather begins to change

How fast it goes from summer to fall always seems so strange


You go from sleeping in the closed up house running cold AC

To sleeping with your windows open feeling the night’s cool breeze


In Florida it goes from walking outside and suddenly covered in sweat

To rocking on the screen porch and being as comfortable as it gets


The squirrels are busy in the yard digging for acorns to store for winter food

I’m just sitting with my coffee in hand as the sun arises in complete solitude


I sure do love when the weather cools down it creates happiness in the air

People are in such better moods and you see them outside everywhere


People in our little town put on their sweaters and take walks around the town

It’s like people move at a slower pace and loose that scorching hot frown


It’s like everyone takes the time to walk slower maybe even stop and say hello

And people seem to enjoy this weather as the fall evening breeze lightly blows


The seasons in this southern state don’t change as in the states up north

But when it gets to 60 degrees you can bet we will be bundled up of course


So as the seasons turn from summer to fall in states throughout this great land

I’ll sit here on the porch rocking enjoying the weather with my coffee in my hand


From My World to Yours,

Bob Baker

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