The City Sits Idle

The streets are now vacant with bright yellow taxis nowhere in site
Rockefeller Center rink has no tourists and sits lonely and quiet
Windows at Macy’s and Bloomingdale’s beginning to show dis-repair
There is a cold dark sadness in this once vibrant city’s cool morning air
In the distance a lonely lady with her cart walks past St. Patrick’s on 5th
It now seems the city that never sleeps is just a lost fairy tale or myth
As I see the devastation of this city that’s energy is second to none
I pray that a day very soon it will return to the center of commerce and fun
Time Square it sits quiet and Radio City’s Rockettes they can’t be found
The sites that stand for freedom refuse to even let people come around
It’s all caused by a silent enemy that’s not only taking away innocent lives
It’s taking away the future, lives and dreams of millions of husbands and wives
You see, their businesses, hard work and dreams have been all stripped away
As New York City the symbol of freedom and commerce continues to sit idle today
From My World to Yours,
Bob Baker

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