Statues Fall and Buildings They do Burn


As we gaze at the news or listen while driving in our car

The turmoil and despair seem to be both near and far


Crime in some cities seem to be running rampant and out of control

Criminals destroy innocent lives as if possessed by an evil soul


They are not happy about the what their lives have now become

And look to blame society and history along with everyone


Now I’m the first to acknowledge history to some has not been fair

But that’s no reason to try to spread terror and fear to others everywhere


No one living in this great country of ours, either young or old today

Is responsible for the actions of past generations no matter what you say


So to heal the wounds of times gone by for which we all do surely yearn

Will be harder to take place as long as statues fall and buildings they do burn


From My World to Yours,

Bob Baker

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