July 4th- America’s Day

The 4th of July is upon us Americans to celebrate once again
Most just see as day off work and don’t know how it did begin
It is recognizing the day when our Independence it was won
We stood up with arms and defeated the army of the much stronger one
We were tired of the oppression; harsh ruling and the taxes
So true patriots came together fighting with guns, knives and axes
We proved to the world that Americans, were fierce and we were strong
And if you want your freedom bad enough you must fight what is wrong
This should stand as a lesson to the people in the world out there oppressed today
That if you really want your freedom you must fight and not just run away
If you are willing to fight like America the greatest country of them all
Only then when you will stand up and fight the tyrant they then will fall
The Declaration of Independence was signed on July 4, 1776
We’ve been together and apart at times throughout history ever since
But one thing is for sure throughout the world they know both far and wide
When TRUE AMERICANS are tested they will not roll over or just lay down and die
So let it be known to the evil both abroad and to the evil attacking from within
You don’t want to take on TRUE AMERICANS for we will never let you win
From My World to Yours
Bob Baker

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