Last Trip Around the Sun


It seems that another year in my life has just now come and gone

And today I was lucky enough to wake to a gorgeous morning dawn


As I get older it seems the years just seem to rapidly fly away

For as I look back in time my last birthday was just the other day


The great thing I love about aging is the peace I’ve grown to enjoy

I don’t have anyone to impress or want to buy any of the new toys


Yes, my world is quite comfortable here with my little dog and my wife

Just taking an unplanned ride or trip somewhere is the highlight of my life


If only I had come to know this peace within throughout my early years

How many days I could have had in laughter instead of days of tears


I spent my early years as others fighting each day for money and success

And living every waking moment of life full of worry and the stress


So as I reach this final phase of life I say for us all to live for joy and fun

For you and I will never know if this just might be our last trip around the sun


From My World to Yours,

Bob Baker

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