Honor Our Heritage


The fourth of July again this year has now moved along

Everyone has left the party where they played patriotic songs


The American flags and banners are now all coming down

And we all forget about our heritage until next year rolls around


Why is it we honor our heritage and founders only one day a year

And then people try to avoid our history and hide it as if in fear


Some think that we should not teach our history to students in school

Because for some reason they find shame in things that were cruel


To me I see things different and do not agree with everything in our past

But if we deny history how will we learn from mistakes that were vast


You can stop teaching history and make all of the statues fade away

But if this happens our children will repeat their mistakes again one day


You see we learn from our ancestors and their triumphs and mistakes

From them and only them we learn choices we should and should not make


From My World to Yours,

Bob Baker

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