Throw the Mask Away

Things in today’s world unfortunately have taken a bizarre and tragic turn

Who would have dreamed we would wear a mask and watch our buildings burn

There as I look around people’s faces are covered as they live in fear

Afraid the person next to them have a disease that spreads to people near

Then as you walk the streets of our great cities throughout this great land

You see the destruction that was spread about by a rioter’s vicious savage hand

I will never understand what goes on in the mind of someone that lives in fear

Or what makes a person think destruction is the answer to me remains unclear

So is running from this disease hiding behind a cheap homemade flowered mask

Or is destroying our city streets burning them down is this the answer I do ask

No neither of these things will ever cure our problems in way, shape or form

With the press fueling the fire with hate and fear only keeps our society torn

So take control of your emotions and face your own life as it comes to you today

Then and only then will hate and fear subside, and we can throw the masks away

From My World to Yours,

Bob Baker

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