Hometown Memories

As I drove into downtown today and slowed as much as I could

For some reason it brought back memories of times of my childhood  

The Theater still stands there with the weathered marque sign

That once displayed the movies that were popular in that past time

As I turned down the main street store fronts are quite and some are bare

Except for the beautiful unique gift shop that draws folks from everywhere

When I was a young boy this two block street was busy and always full of life

There was a hardware, Five and Dime and drug stores that sold sodas for a dime

We rode our bicycles to the movie each Saturday after we did our chores

And we bought our back to school clothes and shoes downtown at these local stores

Now the town as it once was is only a memory of times and lives of the past

Even the hospital where I was born is now only a field of overgrown grass

We can never go back in time even though sometimes all wish that we could

But I can cherish my childhood memories of my hometown and how it once stood

From My World to Yours,

Bob Baker

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