To You Behind the Fight

 We all have journeys throughout our life that we may want or we may not 

Some are full of fun and laughter where others just tie you into a knot 

One terrible road we all seem to face within ourselves or with someone we love 

Is the journey down a terrible path which I pray each day God could dispose of 

This terrible road is the fight with cancer that seems anymore to attack us all 

The disease doesn’t just affect the victim but also loved ones when they get the call 

We seem sometimes to overlook the strength and tears there behind the fight 

The loved ones that hold your hand and rub you’re your back when sick during the night 

Yes these are your support everyday that encourage and push you down the road 

When the fight seems like you can not take another chemo or radiation episode 

These are the ones that each day are there yet hide tears behind the door that is closed 

Because they don’t want you to see and have their own fear for you to be disclosed 

So thank you to the brave caregivers that are there supporting and giving that extra shove 

At the time sometimes we may not always show it but we thank you for your true love 

From My World to Yours, 

Bob Baker 

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