Live For Today


Well yesterday was filled with memories, some fun and some were sad

I saw old school mates from my youth and to catch up, for this I was glad

Funny how lives they venture down different roads, throughout our separate lives

Some have taken their life slowly, while others live theirs as living in overdrive

It’s been a long time since we all ventured out to chase our separate dreams

Some to serve our country, some to corporate and some in business it seems

But the one thing that is constant is there is tragedy, existing in everyone’s life

Maybe financial, health, lost a sibling, a child or maybe a husband or a wife

In this world there are no promises or guarantees of what in our life we’ll see

So we have to accept our challenges along the way and remain happy as can be

I for one can honestly say there were choices made that maybe were not the best

But looking back I wouldn’t change a single one for it may have affected the rest

So as we grow into our golden years remember the joys you have had along the way

And forget the tragedies that occurred along the road and get out and live for today

From My World to Yours,

Bob Baker

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