New Year is Here

The New Year is now upon us, another has come and gone 

As I sit and look over the hillside at this first New Year dawn 

The one thing that stands out at me is nothing much has changed 

The trees all look the same and brush hasn’t been rearranged 

Why does everyone get so excited about this day I dare question 

People go out and drink too much then wake sick with indigestion  

Now if when New Year arrived it made my debts or problems go away 

I would be the first to dance with drink in hand and guzzle it away 

Unfortunately that doesn’t happen, and my life will go on just the same 

And I won’t make resolutions about things and habits that I’ll never change 

So I will start the first day of this year the same as years in the past 

And pray that I just make it all the way through until this year’s last 

From My World to Yours, 

Bob Baker 

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