Marble Bench


The day was kind of misty and overcast I would say
I was traveling through Miami trying to find my way

There was no GPS back then so I had to read a map
I was getting tired and weary and I needed a little nap

In the middle of the city hidden under the swaying palm trees
Was one of the most peaceful beautiful places I have ever seen

As if I was drawn there by someone that knew I was in need
It was a very strange feeling not bad but very loving, yes indeed

This was an old Monastery showing beauty and grace from age
The garden gate was open and welcoming with Mary there on her stage

As I walked down the path alone through the gardens of this holy place
I came upon this marble bench saying please sit awhile I have space

It was a very special time of my life fore I knew my life would be fine
As I sat alone and spoke about my life I could feel God’s hand in mine

In the Monastery garden my problems all seemed to just fade away
On that marble bench in the Monastery garden on that drizzly day

From My World To Yours,
Bob Baker

When Those Towers Fell


It was 7:00 AM that morning when they said goodbye and left for work
Some were police some were fireman others were innocent office clerks

The sky was such beautiful blue that morning not cloud to be found
As they all walked the city streets cabs and horns were the only sound

Others rushed through airport lines so they would not miss their flight
The one thing they had in common was they all just woke from their last night

Little did all of these heroes know this would be their final day
History was about to change forever and their lives were the price to pay

In just an instant that morning fire filled the New York and DC sky
With terror and destruction everywhere all you could do is ask why

How do people get so evil and filled with all of this terrible hate
That they can just get up and go kill thousands and not even hesitate

In the end the evil did not win fore Americans all came to their aid
Heroes filled the streets and recruiting offices as if in a big parade

Our enemies around the world keep trying to cast their hateful speech
Against the greatest nation on earth where opportunity is what we teach

A message to all of the radical forces who teach and push this hatred spell
America will never forget the lost lives and the heroes of when those towers fell

From My World to Yours,
Bob Baker

Grandma’s House


A little house sits in shambles there on the lonely street
It used to be a happy place where family all would meet

The little rooms of this house were always filled with joy
Where as kids we would play outside not needing any toy

There was no greater time in life than when cousins did arrive
It was like Christmas time and this little house really came alive

Grandma would be in the kitchen fixing a true southern feast
And we as kids were running around under Grandpa’s feet

We would get down to our underwear and get the garden hose
Squirting both boys and girls getting soaked from head to toes

When the night time fell upon us we would all pile into one bed
And make plans for the excitement for the day that lie ahead

To most people that see this house it’s just a falling down old shack
But to me it’s all the memories of Grandma’s house that keep coming back

From My World to Yours,
Bob Baker

Evening News


There used to be a time that has all but gone away
It came on TV at the same time each and every day

It came every evening and was called the evening news
It was true and accurate reporting not a celebrity’s views

With all of the cable news upon us and so many hours to fill
TV news threw away the facts and have gone for show and frills

They have to show conspiracy and color it with outlandish dirt
They don’t seem to care about the truth or even who it hurts

They are only concerned about ratings and the ad money revenue
The least of their interest anymore seems to be if the story is true

It seems that news networks should spread honest and truthful words
Where people can feel they got the full story from the news they heard

But unfortunately true news standards have all vanished and gone away
So as you watch the news today sadly you can’t believe a word they say

From My World to Yours,
Bob Baker

Give up Which is Sad


Today I was sitting at a traffic light on a two lane small town road
When standing on the corner was a little woman with a heavy load

She looked to be aging from the weather and the harsh summer sun
But not from playing on the beach as most people do for fun

Her shoes were worn and tattered and T-shirt covered with dirt
I could tell by the way she was standing there her feet seemed to hurt

This tired little woman no telling how many miles she has roamed
How wonderful it might be for her to have a bath and her hair combed

Then maybe that isn’t what she seeks but just a life on the street alone
The reason she is pushing the cart with her stuff to me remains unknown

As the light turned green and I moved along with my daily life
I couldn’t stop wondering was she someone’s mother or their wife

Maybe her family was searching for her and wondering where she has gone
But then again maybe no one cares and are just glad she has moved along

Life’s not easy and gives us many turns some are good and some are bad
Sometimes people just can’t take the fight and just give up, which is sad

From My World to Yours,
Bob Baker

Morning Mountain Air

As we sat at home doing our normal morning deal

My wife looked at me and said lets get behind the wheel

Let’s take a little ride and get away from this hot Florida heat

Maybe go to the Dillard House and get something to eat

The Dillard House is one of our favorites but a little out of the way

But it’s just an 8 hour drive we can make in a day

So in the car we jump with an overnight bag in our hands

And now I awake to a mountain view with a hot cup of coffee in my hand

We will see a few waterfalls on a scenic mountain drive

And then head back to our home in Florida and be home tonight

You must be spontaneous and make life fun if you dare

Maybe do like we did and take a leap and come breathe some mountain air

From My World to Yours,

Bob Baker

Night at The Fair

The sun is setting and a soft breeze is blowing in the early night air

The smell of corn dogs and funnel cakes are drifting everywhere


Rock music plays threw speakers throughout the whole Midway

Neon lights are flashing bright blue, green and red of every shade


The screams and laughter of children having the time of their life

People from every walk of life forgetting about their problems and strife


For just a few hours each year communities come together as one

To see the pigs, chickens and cows kids raised for learning and for fun


Rides are neatly placed among the side shows and carnival games of chance

There on the stage under the big white tent is where bands play and people dance


You win a stuffed bear for your girl friend and she kisses you right then and there

I have to say without a doubt there is nothing quite like the annual county fair


From My World To Yours,

Bob Baker









Baby Jesus lies there in the manger peaceful,quite and still

Wise men and sheep placed around as keeping off the chill


In the corner it stands there majestic with ornaments for all to see

Is our lovely decorated and covered with lights majestic Christmas tree


Everywhere you look around our house shows it is the season

It may be Santa Clause or Baby Jesus it’s all there for a reason


Christmas carols play softly throughout the day and throughout the night

And everywhere whether inside or out Christmas is there in site


Our family is all together in our home though sadly for just a short while

But through this special holiday time it will be full of fun, love and smiles


There will be Turkey with all of the fixings for this special day’s meal

The little cousins will be playing and discussing whether Santa is or isn’t real


Yes if Christmas could only last all year I would have one happy spouse

For she truly makes our family happy when CHRISTMAS IS IN OUR HOUSE


From My World To Yours,

Merry Christmas

Bob Baker

If Church Pews Could Talk

As I walked through the front door of this little house of the Lord

All of the pews were empty and the sense of peace I truly did adore


The wood work of many years ago truly make this a special space

The flags hang next to the windows and the Pulpit in its special place


The pews with their red cushions and aged wood polished to its best

All I could think about is how many people they have given needed rest


This church’s history it has seen happiness and sorrow for more than a few

How many hurting people have gained comfort sitting in these old pews


The church lawn is still immaculate with a cemetery on the grounds

There is a statue of our Lord and Savior and white rail fence around


Nothing could give me more comfort than when around this church I walk

Just thinking about the life stories of others if only these pews could talk


From My World To Yours,

Bob Baker

True Love Starts

I know some people believe love begins there at first sight

For others they think it’s during a slow dance in soft dim light


Some couples feel the love begins at a time unknown to them

And there are couples that feel the love at their first date’s end


These times for true love to start sound romantic and very sweet

But the truth of the matter is that the time it begins is not quite so neat


What hits us on the dance floor or on that first date is not true love

Just as real true love doesn’t fall upon us from the stars up above


What starts with infatuation slowly grows into a deeper bond

Then through life’s trials and tribulations it continues to build upon


But when your love is dying or suffering and it’s tearing apart your heart

Then and only then my friend is when undying deep true love starts


From My World To Yours,

Bob Baker

The Florida Pines

Some people love the noise, hustle and bustle of a big city life

They love riding the subway and all of the buildings and the lights


Then there are others that crave for the Mountains covered with snow

They love to bundle up in winter every time they have somewhere to go


We also have those people that like to live in the desert air

I really don’t understand since nothing but sand and Cactus everywhere


Don’t get me wrong I love the excitement of New York City at night

The yellow cabs with horns all blowing and Time Square is such a great site


But when I want to settle down there is only one place for me

That is out in the country of Florida woods by a lake or stream


One of the best things in life is watching the a full moon shine

While swinging on the porch beneath moon and the Florida Pines


From My World To Yours,

Bob Baker


 If Only For A Day


If you found a Jeannie in a bottle washed up on the shore today

Then the Jeannie asked what you wanted, what is it you would say


Would you ask for a million dollars or maybe a brand new car

Maybe it would be a ride into space and visit a distant star


For me it would be something simple and not cost a single dime

It would be a day on the porch talking with Momma just one more time


We could talk about the traffic or how the market has climbed

Maybe she would tell me about the new recipe for her pecan pie


Then she would tell me about what Dr. Phil said to folks today

And then we would talk about the neighbors and who passed away


She would then go to the kitchen and open her fully stocked freezer door

Saying take this fish home for supper and you won’t need to stop at the store


No my wish from a Jeannie wouldn’t be for money or penthouse with a valet

It would be sitting and  rocking with Momma on the porch if only for a day


From My World To Yours,

Bob Baker


May Be Your Last


Have you ever wondered how long you will be on this earth

And when you are gone what your life will have been worth


There will be people that remember good times with you

Maybe some will have memories of a love that was true


Then there may be others that say thank goodness you are gone

Others that have no interest in you and their life just moves on


One thing is for certain in life and this we can not deny

And that is that one day it will happen and we will all die


That time may come for you today, next week or maybe next year

So just live your life to the fullest and death do not fear


So don’t waste time worrying about things from your past

And live today to the fullest for it may be your last



From My World To Yours,

Bob Baker


Life As A Caring Father


As we come into this world growing as just a young boy

There are few expectations except of you playing with a toy


You grow into a young school boy learning to read and write

Playing with your friends and camping in the backyard Saturday night


Then one day you drive from the driveway when you become sixteen

Shortly there after high school graduation day is the best day you have seen


You are now becoming a man and moving on into your adult life

Taking on responsibility and then finding your future wife


You and your loving wife now build a family like no other

And then you face your greatest challenge living life as a caring father


From My World To Yours,

Bob Baker

Fit Like A Glove

When you meet someone with whom you want to share your life

There are curtain things you need to know so not to cause strife


You need to understand that each of you have a different view

So don’t try to change each other into something that suits you


You have to accept the things about them that maybe you don’t like

Just because you join lives doesn’t mean you need to be just alike


You may like jeans and boots and listening to a country song

And they like wine and dresses and show tunes that they sing along


You want to eat BBQ and beer while sitting in at the bar

Where they prefer Champagne and snacking on Russian caviar


So accept all of the things about that special someone that you love

And understand you will never fit each other like a fine custom glove


From My World To Yours,

Bob Baker

Fall Leaves Turn

As the years come and go and the seasons pass thru

There are times of the year that are favored by me and you


To some the best times are when snow hits the ground

And to others it is summer at the beach with people around


After winter we have Spring that some are happy to see

The trees have leaves returning and again everything’s green


But to me it’s the brisk air of fall and color of leaves that I yearn

After a hot long summer I love it when I see the Fall leaves turn


From My World To Yours,

Bob Baker

What If

What would you do if our world changed today

A bomb, natural disaster or something unexplained


Do you have a plan at hand that you can turn to right now

Do you have the means and food to feed your family somehow


Do you know how you would live with no electric, cars or gas

Can you hunt and fish for survival as they did in generations past


This may sound far fetched and crazy but it may be closer than we think

With nuclear weapons in the hands of lunatics it could happen very quick


The big cities will turn to war zones as the lawless will come to rise

The only way to avoid this is in woods and lakes where you can survive


So take a different strategic look at the area where you now live

For one day your life just may depend on it in the event of WHAT IF


From My World To Yours,

Bob Baker

The Hurt

We have all had times when we were let down

Times when we cried and times when we frowned


These acts that hurt us sometimes were thought through and planned

While other times they unwittingly happened just like blowing sand


Sometimes these hurts are done by someone we love

And other times hurt comes from a person we hardly knew of


The hurt that’s the worst doesn’t come from a gun or a fist

It’s the ones that attack your heart that are hardest to resist


These heartbreaking hurts go through you like a dagger’s hard thrust

And leave you with empty feelings of helplessness and no trust


So as you go through your life and not giving it much thought

Remember what you do to another just might affect them a lot


From My World To Yours,

Bob Baker


Old Plywood Tree House

The other day I took a moment just to walk through the woods

Where we played when young and where our tree house once stood


It seemed the moss covered oaks were not as majestic as they once were

And the wooded area thick with palmettos not as overwhelming for sure


There were still rotten remnants of our favorite place to play

The tree house where we spent hours throughout summer days


The tree house is where we hid from imaginary panthers and bears

With our BB guns and bow and arrows we were always safe there


This tree house is where we learned the all the important lessons of life

About how babies are made and what happens between a husband and wife


This was our sanctuary where only our gang held secret membership

Where we tried a cigarette, beer and got sick from Grandpa’s tobacco dip


True lessons in life I learned that made me a better father and spouse

Were not learned at school or in church but in that Old Plywood Tree House


From My World To Yours,

Bob Baker

Bury Our Friends

Years ago we all came together to celebrate our wedding days

There was laughter and rejoicing telling stories of our single ways


The next time we got together it seems it was to bury someone’s Mom or Dad

The conversations were a lot more subtle and stories seemed a little sad


Then we all got together again for our 40 year reunion and had lots of fun

Where we laughed and talked about our retirement, wives, daughters and sons


Then it seems too soon it happened and some lives are gone like the wind

And now we all get together again but sadly this time it’s to Bury Our Friend


From My World To Yours,

Bob Baker